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Hést As strongly believes in socially responsible business. It is therefore important for us to take responsibility for all our
actions, including the working and environmental situation for those workers taking part in the production of our products.

Below is taken from our codes of conduct (CoC) for suppliers:

HÉST do not accept any kind of animal abuse or bad treatment in the production of HÉST products.

Policy for HÉST products that have animal origin:
  • All animal products used in HÉST Products shall come from animals treated in an ethical and responsible manner.
  • All animal products deriving from animals slaughtered shall come from species reared in farms to obtain meat.
  • Under no circumstances shall animal products deriving from animals slaughtered exclusively to sell their skins,
    shell, horn, bone, feather or down, be used.
  • Any cosmetics products¹ produced for HÉST should not be tested on animals at any stage during their production.

¹Moreover, none of these cosmetics products should contain ingredients of animal origin.


HÉST do not accept any use of real animal fur, in the production of HÉST products.

(*) Definition of fur by the Fur Free Alliance: any animal skin or part thereof with hair or fur fibers attached thereto,
either in its raw or processed state or the pelt of any animal killed solely for its fur. "Animal" includes, but is not limited
to, mink, coyote, sable, fox, muskrat, rabbit, and raccoon dog.

"Fur" shall not include:
1) such skins as are, or are to be, converted into leather or which in processing have,
or shall have, the hair, fleece, or fur fiber completely removed,
2) materials clipped, shorn, or combed from animals, fleece, sheepskin, shearling,
3) leather or hair attached to skin that is typically used as leather (e.g. cowhide with hair attached),
4) synthetic materials intended to look like fur.


Mulesing is a practice that occurs in some production of wool in Australia. This kind
of treatment of sheep shall not occur in HÉST`s supply chain with regards to the production of HÉST wool products.
HÉST will seek to use only certified wool from standards like RWS.


HÉST strongly oppose to force-feeding in the goose /down industries and will not accept this method being used in the
making of our products. HÉST does not accept Live plucking down to be used in our products. All down should be sanitized
before use in our products. HÉST will seek to use only certified down from standards like RDS.