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Hést Social Corporate Responsibility and Commitment.

At Hést, our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) revolves around five core pillars:

Our dedication to upholding the rights, quality of life, and safety of all workers involved in the manufacturing
our products. We maintain stringent standards that prioritize the well-being of both individuals and the environment
within these locations. You can read more about this in our Code of Conduct document.

We are striving for sustainability, we exclusively employ recyclable packaging to minimize unnecessary waste. And we
have implemented a sourcing strategy for fabrics and materials that will go into our products. The strategy will
become gradually stricker towards 2030. We are looking into things like: waste water, less use of chemicals, more
use of naturebased fibres and less use of man made fibers. Striving to doing so we, we belive that we eventually will make it easier
ta acheive a more circular process for Hést products, and we are looking into ways to collect back used up garments, and ways to recycle
them again into new Hést products. And we strongly belive that by making high quality and durable goods, we also dont need to sell a huge
quantity every year, in fact we are also looking into ideas like rentals of Hést products, selling second hand pre-owned Hést products
We also work on the traceability for all rawmaterials that goes into our products. We hope to share this information client on
a per product basis, including name of factory, place of manufacture, date of manufacture, products rawmaterial source,
as well as finsished product test certificates in our webshop as soon as we can provide it. So far we have besides the sourcing
policy, a quality standard and a Chemical restrictions standard that is controlled by lab tests, Quality Inspection Control
by personal visits to the factries, and third party factory audits.

Animal Welfare
At Hést, animals take center stage in our commitment. Animal Welfare is top priority and we have implemented this into
our Code of Conduct and into the contract we make with all our suppliers. You can read more about this policy here.

Values & Ethics
At Hést we also want to have a high bar for ourselves and our partners. We therefore have a Code of Values and Ethics
that all are commited to follow, this document involves how all our employees and partners should behave on act on matters
like honesty, bribery, company values human rights, laws ,rules and legisslation, health and safetety, envireonment,
no discrimination and harassment etc. You can read the full Hést Code of Values and Ethics here.

Anti Corruption
At Hést we are strongly againstall kinds of corruption, and have therefore adapted a anticorruption manual that all
employees and partners should follow. You can read the manual here.

All of above points are presented to all new employess and new suppliers as a mandatory part that has to be
followed/accepted before they can start to work with Hést.